Stories of Frank

March 2, 2022

By Joe Ferguson

Joe Ferguson, board member of the Steamboaters lifelong conservationist, shared his most fond memories of Frank Moore and the stories that Jeanne would share when visiting by their famous trout ponds. We all miss Frank and the work he did to protect the place we all love and enjoy will always be remembered.

One evening, Frank and Jeanne were driving home up the North Umpqua River and noticed an Oscar Mayer Wiener-mobile, you know the hotdog mobile, parked along the highway and the driver was looking at a map.  Frank said he was lost, Jeanne said he wasn’t really lost. Of course, Frank stopped the car to see if they could help.   Frank and Jeanne ended up inviting him to their lovely home for dinner. After dinner, the Oscar Mayer Wiener driver ended up staying the evening with the caring and loving couple!  That’s the kind of person Frank was and Jeanne continues to be – cabinet members, congressmen, rich and famous people, and wiener-mobile drivers were all welcomed at Frank and Jeanne’s wonderful cabin above the North Umpqua River.

Another great memory of Frank was when I stopped by their home one summer evening. I looked around the house expecting them to be making dinner or working outside, but it looked like nobody was home. As I went back to my van here came Frank running down the road BACKWARDS!  He was only about 75 or 80 at the time and not missing a step. His pace was faster than most folks in the their 30’s. When he approached, he looked at me and told me, keeps my legs in good shape to wade…


Thanks, Joe, for sharing these wonderful memories of Frank and his lovely wife Jeanne. His legacy will continue to push each one of us to be better humans and continue his work in conservation.

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