About the Steamboaters

The Steamboaters is a member organization that works tirelessly to protect the fragile North Umpqua River in Oregon.

Statement of Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of The Steamboaters shall be to preserve, promote, and restore the natural production of wild fish populations, especially steelhead, the habitat which sustains them, and the unique aesthetic values of the North Umpqua River for present and future generations.


  1. The objectives necessary to achieve The Steamboaters’ mission and preserve our traditional values are:
    Work to restore the North Umpqua River system’s wild fish stocks, particularly steelhead, to a sustainable level that is consistent with optimum natural population numbers.
  2. Protect, preserve, and restore fish habitat, including adequate and consistent flows of high quality water in the North Umpqua River and its tributaries.
  3. Promote and support fish harvest levels that are consistent with optimum wild fish spawning population levels.
  4. Promote and support the conservation of natural genetic diversity of North Umpqua River wild fish stocks.
  5. Promote adequate funding from state and federal government and other sources for protection and enhancement of the North Umpqua River fishery and fish habitat.
  6. Preserve the scenic values of the North Umpqua River.
  7. Educate the public of the values and importance of wild fish stocks.
  8. Promote and preserve the tradition of fly fishing and the fraternity of fly fishers that fish the waters of the North Umpqua.
  9. Protect and preserve the fly fishing only regulations of the North Umpqua River.
  10. Promote good sportsmanship and a code of ethics among all anglers and other river users.

Needless to say, resources such as this are scarce, and, unfortunately, there always seem to be forces at work to deplete and exploit them.

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